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With infusion of capital CARS looks internationally for growth opportunities

Capital Automotive, better known as CARS, provides real estate capital to dealers through the acquisition and leaseback of automotive real estate. In October of this year it was acquired by Brookfield Property Partners, a diversified real estate company. Brookfield, which has investments around the globe, has increased CARS’ 2015 investment objective to $250 million. With… Read More

Old lifts and vaults, underground storage tanks, and environmental assessments

By Wallace Jensky, II, PG, JHA Environmental, Inc. as told to Alysha Webb These days dealership service departments are pretty good at containing the pollution from all the petroleum products and hazardous materials they use in their work. But the current regulations governing the use and disposal of hazardous materials and petroleum didn’t go into… Read More

Succession planning is more than just a good will

By Don E.  Ray, Portfolio Reinsurance Being on the Board of the International Succession Planning Association™ (ISPA), I believe succession planning is a multi-faceted endeavor.  The Succession Matrix represents the planning factors the ISPA Board has confirmed as the predictable challenges to the continuity of a business through the next generation. Depending upon the gravity… Read More

Kia hones in on personnel practices when reviewing dealership buyer candidates

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher The industry is awash with talk of non-traditional investors coming into the dealership buy sell world, but traditional buyers are still driving most of the deals. That’s certainly what Kia Motors America, Inc. is seeing, said John A. Crowe, vice president of service and aftersale operations. Crowe is on the… Read More

Dealing Successfully With Nontraditional Buyers

By Richard H. Kotzen, CPA Of the various factors fueling today’s vigorous merger and acquisition (M&A) activity among auto dealerships, one of the most interesting – and often one of the most challenging – is the growing role of nontraditional buyers. The previous article in this series explored the growing interest in dealership acquisitions on… Read More

Nontraditional buyers: Fresh capital and new challenges

  Note: Like it says below ‘We’ve Been Here Before’, Automotive Buy Sell Report has inadvertently republished an earlier article. Please click here to go to Mr. Kotzen’s newest installment in his series.   By Richard H. Kotzen, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Several forces are working together to drive today’s robust merger and acquisition (M&A)… Read More

Factory approval: The buyer’s concerns when drafting a buy sell agreement

By Joseph S. Aboyoun, Esq., Aboyoun & Heller, L.L.C. The single most important factor in a dealership acquisition is franchise approval. Needless to say, without the manufacturer’s approval, the deal cannot proceed. Every automotive acquisition agreement (buy sell) must include a contingency for this factor. It is essential that each party understand what the contingency… Read More

A family office re-enters the dealership business on the heavy-duty side

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher Non-traditional investors are becoming bigger players in the dealership buy sell world. The most obvious example is, of course, the recent acquisition of Van Tuyl by Berkshire Hathaway. Family offices – companies that invest resources for a single family – are also investing in dealerships. Dobbs Management Services LLC,… Read More

The 10 Steps to Buying or Selling a Dealership

  By Farid Ahmad, President, Dealer Solutions Canada The Canadian market is following the US with respect to the rate of consolidation. Many dealer groups are hungry to grow and acquire stores often paying heavily for strategic brands or locations. Share this article

How well Warren Buffett will get along with the factories and other reflections

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” is the phrase that can be applied to the automotive dealership buy sell world lately. Lithia’s bid to buy DCH Group seemed like a big deal, until Warren Buffett entered the game. Berkshire Hathaway, the legendary investor’s company, announced last week it will acquire… Read More

Objectivity and subjectivity in the buy sell world

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher When Michael Morais, president of Open Road Group, decided to buy an unprofitable Cadillac dealership in New Jersey, objectively that might seem a bad business decision.  The brand is struggling, after all.  But Morais is confident he can turn the store around.  That confidence is based on some factors… Read More

Open Road president Morais excited about his first domestic franchise, a Cadillac store

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher In September, Open Road Group of Bridgewater, N.J. acquired the former Royal Cadillac dealership of Morristown. It was the first domestic brand acquisition for Open Road, which owns some 16 dealerships in the New York-New Jersey area. Michael Morais, president of Open Road Group, spoke with Automotive Buy Sell… Read More

Nontraditional buyers: Fresh capital and new challenges

  By Richard H. Kotzen, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Several forces are working together to drive today’s robust merger and acquisition (M&A) market in the automotive industry. The first article in this series examined some of the contributing factors, which include a stabilized auto industry, the general resilience of the dealership business model, a growing… Read More

Multiples weren’t the first thing on his mind in Mojave Auto deal, says John Jomehri

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher John Jomehri had managed, and been part owner of, dealerships in Southern California for decades.  He always envisioned owning his own store in the same area. He bought a group of stores in the California desert town of Barstow, however, and he couldn’t be happier. “It is unbelievable,” Jomehri… Read More

Why can’t we be friends? Or at least get along.

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher Family-owned dealerships changing hands again loom large in this week’s issue, but on two very different scales. The theme of familiarity and reputation as a force behind the choice of buyers also returns. Now that I read reports on buy sells every day — and regularly talk to parties… Read More

Russ Darrow Group isn’t eager to acquire outside Wisconsin; likes State’s “consistency”

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher The Russ Darrow Group of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin recently acquired a Mazda dealership in northwest Milwaukee. It brings the Group’s Mazda store count to three. Clearly Russ Darrow Auto Group likes the brand, but it didn’t chase after the new store. Rather, John Amato, the former owner called and… Read More

AutoNation one of few that could have acquired Barrier Motors, says financial advisor

  AutoNation Inc.’s plan to acquire Barrier Motors Auto Group, a luxury vehicle dealer group in Bellevue, Washington, will give the nation’s largest dealership group a larger presence in a one of the top luxury markets in the United States. Publicly-owned AutoNation already owns a BMW franchise in Bellevue along with several other dealerships. Bellevue… Read More

CARS and the long and winding road to a Chevy store

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher Capital Automotive has appeared on our site several times in recent weeks, first in my interview with Willie Beck, SVP and director of acquisitions at Capital Automotive Resources and then in a column by Willie about when leasing is a good idea. This week CARS appears again, but not… Read More

The road to ownership of Chevy store in Montana takes dealer through many turns

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher “You never know how you will end up with a dealership,” Steve Zabawa, a partner in Rimrock Auto Group in Billings, Montana, told Automotive Buy Sell Report. Rimrock recently acquired a Chevrolet dealership in Laurel, Montana from Leonard Fichtner. The acquisition started with Rimrock’s loss of its Chrysler Jeep… Read More

Data, analytics, and the “X” of the future

 By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher This week Greg Porter looks at the mysterious “X” factor in determining the value of a dealership. It refers to a multiple of something, often earnings. While it is a starting point, Porter suggests there are other equally important factors. He is just teasing us, however, as he won’t tell… Read More

What is “X” and does it matter?

    By C. Gregory Porter, CPA, Porter & Company This is the first is a series of columns by C. Gregory Porter. Recently there has been a lot of press about rising multiples and whether this is a good time to sell a dealership. Dealer brokerage firms regularly publish articles and data about recent… Read More

To lease or not to lease? It depends.

By Willie Beck, SVP and Director of Acquisitions, Capital Automotive Should I own or lease my dealership real estate? For most car dealers, the answer is “it depends”. At Capital Automotive, we provide real estate capital to dealers by funding 100% of the fair market value (“FMV”) of their dealership land and buildings, and lease… Read More

Know your real estate terms when going into a buy sell negotiation

By Adam Henderson, Sr. Analyst, Portland Office, Integra Realty Resources Automobile dealerships are becoming increasingly popular among outside investors due to the high rate of return dealerships offer. It is important for these new investors to understand the specific components that go into establishing the value of an automobile dealership. This article will provide an… Read More

Daughter’s return prompts Virginia dealership group to grow, but carefully

               Carter Myers Automotive Group, a family-owned dealership group in Charlottesville, Virginia, recently acquired Nissan and Subaru dealerships in Staunton, Virginia, but it isn’t on an acquisition spree, said H. Carter Myers III, the Group’s executive chairman. He recently spoke with Automotive Buy Sell Report about CMA’s approach to… Read More

It’s a good year for auto real estate leasing company Capital Automotive

Capital Automotive Real Estate Services, Inc. of McLean, Virginia provides real estate capital to dealers through the acquisition and leaseback of automotive real estate. Business is going well for Capital Automotive and the company is optimistic about the next few years, said SVP and Director of Acquisitions, Willie Beck. He spoke with Automotive Buy Sell Report… Read More

Keys to navigating the Buy/Sell highway: Keeping the “success” in auto dealer succession planning

       By Stephen P. Linzer and James P. O’Sullivan, attorneys, Tiffany & Bosco P.A. Are You Considering Selling Your Auto Dealership? Now or a bit further down the road? Whether you are expecting a leisurely drive with the top down or a rally-car cliff hanger, some special auto industry insights can help you… Read More

San Antonio’s Ancira Auto says multiples are too high; prefers open points to acquisition

  By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher Dealerships in the south-central Texas city of San Antonio are doing well. The economy is strong and the Eagle Ford Shale oil discovery in south Texas is boosting business, especially pickup sales. The dealership business in San Antonio is unusual in that it is dominated by family-owned dealership groups…. Read More

Welcome to Automotive Buy Sell Report!

Welcome to the first issue of Automotive Buy Sell Report. We are the first website and weekly online report focused on providing participants in the automotive dealership buy sell industry with news and views, listings to help you locate professional services in your area, and a way for you, as a buyer or seller, to anonymously… Read More

Current docs are a key to planning for the future

By Oren Tasini, attorney It is never too early, or too late to start planning for the future. As a transactional attorney I am surprised to find, in many instances that my dealer clients have not adequately prepared for life’s major events. With this in mind, it is worth examining some advice we can give… Read More

Why some dealerships are hard to sell in today’s hot market

By Carl Woodward, CPA, Woodward & Associates There are many existing dealers including public groups, large and smaller dealer groups, and individual dealers looking to buy additional new vehicle dealerships this year. There are several reasons for this buying effort, but some dealerships are not desirable or saleable. I will discuss the less desirable new… Read More